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The circular lobby draws you in and keeps you revolving around the conversations to be had with friends and strangers.

Chroma and Tinge

November–February 2021
To create a boutique hotel and restaurant in the downtown area of Oxford Mississippi, that captures the spirit of Oxford—its culture, heritage, and farm land. The goal of the project was to collaborate with an Interior Designer, bringing the physical space and graphic elements together, to develop a cohesive experience.
The solution to Oxford's sordid history in racism and war, was follow the thread of endurance in African American music and culture. To see middle-class America's new found interest in a people and a party that's been going on since the Civil War. Chroma is the intensity of color, that lulls you into it's toe tapping rhythm. And Tinge leaves just a trace of color, offering you a place to relax and reflect on the past and present. You can watch our process unfold by visiting our Instagram.
The expanse and fun of this brand was playing with the infinite number of colors combinations that the gradient element provided. In the end, the full logo came in four different gradient combinations and several pages in the brand guidelines to ensure their proper use.
The hotel welcome desk invites desk to join in the party, featuring beautifully grainy images of Juke Joints at their zenith.
Thinking through the ramifications of the Coronavirus Pandemic, it seemed logical to start imagining how the travel and hotel industry will change. Contactless key cards and invoices have the potential to become the new standard.
Chroma features both King and Queen size room, but guests can also choose the color. Taking those core four gradients from the logo and using them to create unique color profiles for each room.
The testament to the brand we created, is the number of ways colors and other branding elements can be combined to create something new and delightful around every corner.
Tinge and Chroma are two sides of the same coin. So where Chroma gradates from color to color, Tinge fades its colors to white.
The menu at Tinge features handmade recycled paper, and the glassware is hammered to enhance the tangible experience we want you to have.
Following the spiral staircase, upstairs becomes a bar and roof top terrace. A perfect addition to Oxford's vibrant nightlife.
This project was such an exhaustive and rewarding process. Working with an Interior Designer and using each of our skills and strengths as designers to create a complete experience.