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One of the first weekends the market opened with the mural finally completed.

Ruston Farmers Market Mural

February–May 2021
The local Farmers Market in Ruston, LA had a beautiful mural on the exterior. But inside, the concrete floor and old chicken wired ceiling made the space feel dingy and dark. So the Market commissioned a mural from the local college I was attending to be an extension of the exterior mural and breath some new life into the interior of this space.
The exterior mural was full of precisely rendered fruits and veggies, so for the inside RFM was looking for something more abstract and bright. As I walked through the space one afternoon, I imagined myself entering the market from one of those exterior fruits into the very soil—the roots and inner-workings of the local farmers, artisans, and community coming to support them. My design is a tangle of roots, shoots, and shapes, mixing bright colors with earthy tones. The pitch went well, and I was ecstatic that the RFM chose my idea.
The process of painting a 60x15 ft. mural was entirely new to me: using a projector to sketch the design, building scaffolding, ordering enough paint. I would do it again in
a heartbeat!
RFM had a few elements they wanted incorporated into the design. A few hashtags and social handles, but most importantly the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program logo which I reinterpreted to fit the aesthetic of the design.
It's cheesy to say but I couldn't have done it without the entire team. Classmates who helped me finalize and tweak the design, my Color Theory professor who led the team and also helped me understand and mix color.
It was an incredible experience, and something I'd love to be apart of again.