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Mental Health posters

May 2021
Create a poster for libraries and other public spaces in Louisiana to educate the general population on mental health statistics in Louisiana and broadly in the U.S.
I created two posters that covers the the large questions surrounding mental health: Who suffers? How can I help? What are the causes? These are complex issues and I don't mean to solve them with a few posters and simple graphics. But giving a general overview breaking down this information straightforward charts and graphs that are easily understood, can empower the viewer to speak with confidence on the issue and send them down a path of learning that leads to real change.
The posters go together as a pair, but I wanted to make sure that they could operate individually.
I worked with a wonderful illustrator who drew this pill bottle illustration and the cross section of the brain below.
The creativity and analytical thinking required to create something that truly educates and inspires is my favorite challenge posed by this project.
Breaking down the posters into their individual parts, I created these instagram posts.