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The first spread looks at the history and construction of IBM's typeface.

IBM Plex Sans

January–February 2020
To create a type specimen for a typeface I'd never used before.
I was excited to get into the nitty gritty details of type. To focus in on kerning, optical alignment, and the distinct and nuanced letter forms of IBM Plex Sans. I began to understand through this project how important choosing the right typeface is. That each font has a voice that impacts your overall design, and even the smallest detail in the tittle of an i, can influence how your message is received.
These details of the first spread highlight the details in the typeface itself and how I chose to showcase them.
The second spread gets into the details of the anatomy of the typeface, and its subtle elements in key glyphs and ligatures.
The last spread get's to the heart of why IBM created this typeface. To convey a message of mediation between man and machine.