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These posters served as the anchor point for the whole brand identity.
It was here I first explored telling these women's unique voices through typography.

Get Out the Vote

September–November 2020
To create a campaign that ignites and inspires active voters and political conversations in a way that erases the stigma of conventional voter campaigns.
Get Out the Vote seeks to empower and encourage women to participate in political conversations, celebrate female leadership throughout history, and stay informed about political and economic impacts on their local communities. The culmination of these objectives— and the central goal of the campaign— is to create and active and confident voter.
The airstream was my favorite piece of the campaign to design. It served as the center of the environmental component, and I have dreams of seeing it on the road.
The moveable outdoor spot invites women to grab a coffee and sit with a friend or stranger, to share their stories and listen to each others.
The left panel showcases women's testimonies from around the world and the right panel allows the women present, to answer thought provoking questions.
The true testament to the integrity of a brand is to increase or decrease its scale too see if it retains its visual impact.
Being the only UI component, the website is the hub of information and connection in this campaign.
The book takes a deeper dive into stories of activism, past and present.
And it gave me a chance to push the brand to encompass more unique layouts.